How to: Style our new Recharge Collection

It’s officially here!!  Our Recharge collection has launched, and we hope you get your hands on it before it goes. If you have… here are some of our suggestions on how to style our new collection throughout your day-to-day routines.

  1. Pair with our Everyday Gilets

Our Everyday Gilets are the perfect addition to your recharge attire. Paired with either of our 3-piece sets, the Everyday Gillet will provide a lightweight, warm, and super comfortable feel to your walk in the park, shopping with friends or a lovely meal with your family, all the while looking stylish during your day off from your workout schedule.   

Our Gilets our available in: Black, Charcoal and Chambray Blue. 

  1. Perfect for a Mix and Match Situation

Our Recharge limited-edition collection consists of 4 colours: black, beige, pink and grey, the perfect colour tones to mix and match, as many of us love a mix and match situation! You can put a beige ½ zip crop top with our high-waisted black ribbed leggings, or you can even go the extra mile and mix and match the two 3-piece sets! I can already envision it now, our low-support ribbed sports bra, matched with our high-waisted relax joggers and you can throw on our cropped regular sized hoodie or ½ zip to complete the look!

Here at AYBL, we want you to have multiple options when it comes to your styling choices. We know everybody is different! Some like to mix and match, layer or wear complete matching sets, and these are all incredible ways to style our new recharge collection, and we can’t wait to see you wearing it!

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